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Is anyone interested in getting together for a meet&greet? Don’t be shy😉

Hey All,

How's everyone doing with the December read? I just cracked it open, read Ch1 and think this will be a good one. Let me know your thoughts. And nope, I'm STILL not decided on the book retreat.

Is anyone else struggling with Nov's read? Midnight is the Darkest Hour, I find it so boring. I'm on Ch4 and I stare at the cover with no desire to open it. Does it get better?

Hi! I'm in Millersville MD and loving this book club. Any DMV peeps going to Nola for the meet up? I booked my room but not my flight yet

Oct 13, 2023

I have been searching places and figured I was going to be a loner. I'm in Jessup. I'll be away this weekend but let's get together when I get back and plan the excursion. Southwest had pretty good prices when I checked on Wednesday.



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