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Retreat 2025

Join us for a fantastic retreat in Scottsdale, AZ on February 1st, 2025

with bestselling thriller authors
joining us for a panel event and more

Tickets on sale now!

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The Creepy Book Club

Get a carefully picked psychological thriller monthly.
Building community one book at a time.


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 Our June  
Creepy Book of
the Month


The Return of Ellie Black

by Emiko Jean

Read and chat with us on
end of month zooms and on our

social platforms.

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Meet Laura 

Our May Featured Member

1.) What’s your name and where are you from?  My name is Laura and I live in Portland, Oregon.

2.) What are your 3 favorite thriller/creepy books?  Oof, this is hard. Let me quickly scour my Goodreads 5 star ratings (I rarely give 5 stars):

- The Silent Sister

- Room

-The Guest (top of mind since I just finished this one from The Creepy Book Club!) 

3.) Where would your dream CBC retreat location be? Nantucket.  I have never been but read 1000 books with this as the setting so it would be fitting to go there for a book retreat.

4.) When you aren’t reading creepy books what do you like to do? Read non creepy books :).  Explore new places - both close to home and on the other side of the world.  Go to Trailblazer games with my basketball loving teenage son.  Watch my kid play in his own games.  Try fun new restaurants and cocktail bars with my husband. 

5.) Can you remember the first creepy book you read?  I can't remember the actual book but I got into R.L Stine and Agatha Christie as a young teen and they hooked me! 


Retreat 2025

We had the best time in New Orleans in February 2024!

Join us again in 2025.  Mark your calendars for Jan. 31, 2025-Feb. 2 2025.  The location, resort and authors will be announced soon.  Book of the Month Members will receive the booking link and retreat tickets first. Sign up today!


About The Creepy Book Club

The Creepy Book Club was started in 2021 by Ashley & Emily, best friends and true lovers of thriller books. The community formed online was immediately special: books can truly bind. 

Each month our book club members read the same book, then at the end of the month we discuss on social media and via zoom. It's amazing to know that we have a whole community of other thriller book lovers to discuss our favorite books with. Join us and share our love of books. And of course, you're invited to the next retreat. Stay tuned.

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